WooCommerce – Bookings v1.15.20 Nulled

Save time and effort by allowing customers to book at their convenience

Allow your clients to book reservations, appointments or rentals on their own, without the need for phone calls. Save time and fill out your calendar by letting your site do the work for you.
Allow customers to book classes, schedule appointments, or book items

No matter what options you want to offer your customers, Bookings makes it possible:

Define options, such as fixed blocks of time for a class, appointment or guided tour
Let customers choose the hours that work best by giving them the flexibility to book any range they need, like checking into a hotel

With either option, you can also block free time as non-bookable, leaving you time to take care of your other priorities and create time buffers between bookings, to make sure the schedule works for you.

Be as specific as you like with your time blocks — Bookings allows bookings in days, hours, even minutes.

Written by Damon Kief

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